Welcome to my website!

Some people may be wondering why did I switch my amandayeung.co to amvxn.co 

My email amanda@amandayeung.co is now hello@amvxn.co

Branding 101 - our social media links have to all be in sync, it's the brand we have to create.

I will be establishing a new logo for myself in the next couple of months. As well as confidently establishing the core concentrations as an artist - Graphic Designer, Photographer, Visual Arts, and Lifestyle blogger.

As for my business cards - handmade cards instead of being printed, instead of printing them out as one design - I felt it wouldn't have to represented myself fully. Each articulated business cards will be different. I can showcase the different art forms I create. Whoever, I do give a business card to has a small piece of my art/ portfolio, it gives them a glimpse of who I am as an artist. Handmade business cards take more time and effort however, it adds a personal touch. 

If you would like to connect feel free to contact me.