A glimpse into my work process

For this photograph, I experimented with lighting and had minimal editing done for this piece.

I used my canon 5d mark i, and the blue filter on my ring light and the wreath and the lights to create such an image. The lights on the wreath reflected on the red bows creating red tones and as per the blue filter that created that duotone in the capture. When I uploaded the photos onto Lightroom a handy tool to easily and create a quicker work-flow, I used the temperature settings and set in a little more blue tones as you see the final image below. As well as added a little bit of contrast, clarity, black and white adjustments, shadows and highlights, I wanted to create a little darker toned photograph. Quick change from my usual style of brightly toned photographs, whether portraits or landscape. 

As of 2016, many of my photographs I aimed to photograph with minimal editing, or I had filters or a natural look my photographs. I hope to experiment and learn how to improve my photographs even more.

Also found on Instagram @ amvxn. Model: Dorothy Y.


As I wrote this today, and tomorrow is Christmas may whoever is reading this right now. Thank you for your time for taking the time in doing so and may you have a splendid holiday for those who celebrate and for those who don't celebrate this holiday may you get enough rest the next few days to feel refreshed for the new year. Stay safe!