About AMVXN aka Amanda Yeung

Photographs of me by Tiffany Wong.



Amanda is learning more about the world each day, pushing to achieve greater, motivated to create conceptual and portraiture photography. Who is studying at Humber College for Graphic Design, with the passion for the arts since she was three years old. Amanda’s artistic journey began with Visual Arts and has expanded to curiosity with Fashion, Illustration and many other forms. Amanda is curious about many art forms - considers herself to be a multimedia artist. 

If you would like to see her Graphic Design work please visit: amandayeung.co 

Someone who does not bring only one skill to the table but several. Human Rights is something that tugs at her heart deeply - the disempowered or neglected. Hoping to one day collaborate art with other fields to help others locally and internationally.

Amanda is a freelancer and self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability: