Well Hello There! 你好!



My name is amanda yeung

I am currently studying at Humber College. I am graduating in April 2018 and currently seeking an internship. I am intrigued by UX Design, I am intrigued by the human interaction with apps and technology. Along with how technology can further improve our lives. I am interested in branding and editorial design but not limited to these specialties. Check out my photography and graphic design work on my other pages!


a fascination towards...

I love the abstract forms and trying to integrate this into my work, I love lines and how expressive one can get through colour, contrast, lines to name a few techniques. 


a little bit more
about myself!

Aside from design I love to paint, handletter/calligraphy, play table tennis and travel around the world because I love to learn how people around the world interact, learn about different cultures, try different authentic food and I love meeting new people.